Quantum particles
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is sad
2020-11-15 19:46:47 UTC
Quantum particles
'' Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real ''
/ Niels Bohr /
Quantum particles exist in the real, natural world. Trying to understand them physicists created many different artificial apparatus on which they study different abilities of quantum particles. Then when the received quantum facts (from artificial apparatus) they try to apply to the real particles . . . the particles look ''strange'' . . . an idea is missed . . . . . any fantastic ideas ?
israel socratus
2021-06-24 10:04:00 UTC
The Quantum Collapse of Light/Electron in the Lorentz Transformation.
1 - The velocity of quantum of light is constant in all inertial frames, independently
of the velocity of the moving inertial frames (as stars, planets . . . etc.)
/Michelson-Morley experiment/
2 - According to the Lorentz transformations the constant velocity of light (c) is in fact a variable velocity of light.
3 – The hero in Einstein’s SRT is the quantum Light/Electron.
4 – All effects of SRT (length contraction, time dilation, space-time distortion . . . etc.)
tied with behaviour and natural changes of the quantum particle: Light/Electron.
israel socratus
2021-07-10 08:35:27 UTC
It is known that everything in the world –
both living and nonliving - consists of atoms and molecules.
All particles can be in motion.
In chaotic motion they can attract, repel and collide each
with other and the result can be creation of temperature.
Temperature is some kind of thermal radiation.
There are another kind of particles.
These particles behave in an unusually strange way.
They don't like interact each with other.
And sometime they are not even particles, but EM waves.
Researchers say - they have a double nature.
When it's convenient, they say it is a particle.
When it’s uncomfortable, they say that it’s wave.
Or vice versa.
Researchers called this agreement with the word "dualism".
A kind of teaching about the holy twin.
Not everything has "double" nature.
Not all quantum particles have "dualistic" nature.
"Dualistic" nature has only particles that can create EM waves.
Particles that create thermal radiation don't have “dualistic" nature.
Turning to atom (electron + proton)
An electron has "dualistic", active nature
(can be as a wave, as a particle, as an antielectron)
A passive proton doesn't have "dualistic" nature
(cannot be as a wave, cannot be as an antiproton)
Tom Roberts
2021-07-11 15:24:07 UTC
Just about everything you said is wrong.

Rather than just sitting in your armchair and pontificating about how
you THINK the world should be, you should STUDY what is already known.
Some of your statements appear to be loosely based on quantum mechanics
and other physical theories, but you get the details all wrong.

Real scientists base their models of the world on experiments and
observations, not just contemplating their navel as you appear to do.

Tom Roberts