The geometry of global universe and red- shift. /by Socratus /
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2017-08-24 09:15:21 UTC
The geometry of global universe and red- shift. /by Socratus /
  a)  the global geometry of the universe  ( which is the curvature of the universe)
depends on its density ( the Cosmological Constant)
Today the  average density of the universe as whole is  about  9.9 x 10-30 g/cm3.
Such small value of the average density cannot ''close'' the universe into sphere
and therefore it is an infinite ''open'' continuum.

b) but in some local places the picture of universe is different.
By some reason, in some local places the masses, and the density is much bigger
than in the infinite ''open'' universe.
  In these places we can see Gravity effect.
It means, that in the infinite ''open'' universe the Gravity effect  can ''close''
a part of ''open'' universe into local spherical space , and create stars, planets, . . . . etc.
The states of stars, planets depend on their gravity-masses and their speed.
Gravity is an effect of local masses - density and their speed.
Gravity is  the local ( curved into sphere ) geometrical part of infinite ''open'' universe.
Therefore local Gravity effect cannot be used to the  global  universe as whole.

The right question must be:  ''Where the Gravity come from?''.
''Where the Gravity - masses come from?''.

c) Today in every scientific book is written about ''the age of the universe'',
and it  is about 14 billion years old.
If it so, then light / quantum of light also must have an age.

d) Then  the cosmological red-shift (which is assumed to be a result
  of the expansion)  can have an another interpretation.

For example: cosmological red-shift is the conditions of light quanta.
The  cosmological red-shift directly relates to the age of the quantum of light.
The quantum of light can have different age:
    the more distance quantum of light travels the older it is.
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Israel  Sadovnik  Socratus.
2017-09-01 10:25:18 UTC
   Doppler effect and Cosmology / Red-shift.
The Doppler effect (or the Doppler shift)  an increase (or decrease) in the frequency of sound,
light, or other waves as the source and observer move toward (or away from) each other.
     /today's knowledge /
a)  all galaxies ( . . . . etc )  exist in an infinite vacuum.
   If a tree falls in the vacuum, it doesn't make a sound, none would hear this.
This is because sound waves can't travel through an '' empty''  vacuum.

b)  in  the vacuum,  photon with constant speed  c  has no wavelength.
Photon travels with constant speed  c   is a pure particle, without wavelength.
This pure particle travels in a straight line until it will meet big gravity-masses.

It means, that
  it  is impossible to use Doppler effect to understand  Cosmology and  Red-shift.

2017-09-02 00:45:07 UTC
  It is interesting situation:
Many believe that  all  galaxies started (14 billion year ago) from one singular point
and had equal energy, and then ''the farthest galaxies are moving even faster than
the close ones '' , but don't believe that  quantum of light can have age and say:
this theme '' does not qualify as a science discussion.''   

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